2017 Ford GT Price, Specs, Review

The 2017 Ford GT is the new and improved version of the American Sports car created by Ford which is going to be released in 2017. Ford GT original model was launched in 2005 and the new GT is the improved version of the second generation Ford GT. Ford said that the models that will be appearing after 2015 are all completely redesigned models of its predecessors to give the drivers the fullest optimum experience of really fast coupe sports cars.

2017 Ford GT, coupe car-front

2017 Ford GT Exterior

Ford is supposed to launch its prototype this year in spring. Ford also said that the new GT will feature one of the best power-to-weight ratios in any car production available in the market. The front is has a little resemblance with the Ford GT40 race car, but the rest of the body was designed from scratch to a more befitting modern look.

The exterior for the new Ford GT 2017 is full of active aerodynamic features. This supercar uses full-carbon fibre in the body panels and its construction. It also featured an “active suspension” which will lower the car itself for better aerodynamics and stability. The rear features air brake functions, the rear wings rise vertically and then tilt, the surface angle because of the suspension will help in creating more drag and down-force when the need arises. The rear fenders are separate from the main fuselage. The body also features flying buttresses. The wheels will be 20 inches in size and it is equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tyres.

2017 Ford GT, coupe car-side


The cockpit for new Ford GT is a two seater car, though it has reduced in size a bit for more convenient driving. It features upward swinging doors and a state of the art high tech instrument panel for a better driving experience. The seats are directly added to the carbon passenger cell. In doing so, the weight of the super car has decreased substantially.

2017 Ford GT interior, coupe car-dash

2017 Ford GT horsepower, Engine

The exact specifics have not yet been announced for the new Ford GT except for that the car will comprise of a 3.5 litre V6 Eco-booster engine which will more likely be able to generate 600 above horsepower and the torque being wagered to about 500lb.ft by some car specialists, as for the acceleration are also going to power packed like its horsepower. There is not going to be any hybrid system or electric motors, it is just going to be a purely high powered gas engine connecting the rear wheels with a dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. From 0-60 mph this sport coupe accelerate for 3.2 sec. and has top speed of 200 mph.

2017 Ford GT-rear

Release Date and Price

The new Ford GT 2017 release date will be in the mid of 2016 as a 2017 year model while its price is about to revolve around $400,000. It is said to one of the newest exotic cars which will be available in the market for sport car fanatics in 2016, as all the new features and its powerful engine are a must have.

2017 Ford GT-seats

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