2016 Ford Focus RS Review and Release Date

I think we have not heard about 2016 Ford Focus RS in the last 10 years, in fact it is only around the year 2002 when its name came into knowledge. Then came into limelight, the “Ford RS badge”. It will tentatively be launched this year in US.The new Focus RS should arrive in America with four doors, like model ST.

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear View

2016 Ford Focus RS Interior and Design

Let’s talk about the specifications. According to the leaked pictures of the car, new RS will have large sized alloy wheels, 19” and 235 mm tires. There has been a little change in fog lights as they will be placed towards the outer side so that air flow can be clear and enhanced aerodynamics. The bumper has been redesigned with double exhaust branches. A spoiler arrangement on the roof allows for better air thrust.
The LED based curved lights will be included. The four doors of this marvelous car have automatic locks that close after three seconds.

2016 Ford Focus RS Interior
2016 Ford Focus RS Interior

What makes it different?

The answer is, it has RS labeled sports steering wheel and Recaro seats. Other good features are rear camera, Android connectivity, along with steady SYNC and enhanced AppLink.

The Performance

The all new Focus RS will be able to improve up to 330 horsepower due to its 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine. The Ford Mustang also had almost equivalent hp value. So, it can manage speed of 0-100 km (or 0-60 mph) in just fraction of seconds, say even less than 5 seconds.
The turbocharged engine with inline 5 cylinder arrangement can generate 330 hp at 6,500 revolutions per minute, and a torque of 440Nm between 2,300 rpm & 4,500 rpm. This car rates at 7.0L per 100km on highways and 13.4L per 100km within the city.
Fuel efficiency is expected to be around 20 mpg.

2016 Ford Focus RS Engine
2016 Ford Focus RS Engine

Review and Release Date

Although no date has been confirmed for its launch, but this year definitely going to be there for the first time in America. The estimated price may be $37,500 in US and €40,000 in Europe. The enthusiast buyers can choose from white, blue and green colors of the car.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for we are excited to find what the Blue Oval has hidden more for us.

2016 Ford Focus RS Front View

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